Petroluem & Crude Oil
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Import/Export /Marketing & of Crude Oil & Petroleum Products

Crude Oil/Petroleum Marketing

The range of customers we service span general use to industrial utility. We have an array of dedicated reservoirs in major states of the country that are saddled with the responsibility of marketing petroleum products

We partner with STORMEL Ltd, NNPC Authorized Sellers. and other major refineries to locally source, Import and distribute petroleum products. This is achieved through our network of clients strategically located across the country.

Our clients are the centre of everything that we do. Our approach is to harness our people, assets and robust IT Platform to create achievable goals and deliver sustainable results. In line with our expansion strategy, we are committed to ensuring that products are available to end users through our strategically located retail outlets across the country.

  • Bonny light crude oil
  • AGO
  • Experienced crew
  • Operations 24/7
  • Competitive prices
Our philosophy is to treat our customers as our partners to reach a common goal